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ArbiterAthlete – Parent Online Pre-Participation Athletic Registration

Getting Started on Pre-Participation Athletic Registration:

1.  Create Accounts
● Both a parent and student are required to create separate accounts. Each account must have a unique email or mobile #.
● Click on the link above to go to the Arbiter Athlete web site.
● If your school has provided their Quick Account Code , TEXT the code to 69274 to create your parent & student account.
*Creation of accounts can be done on all devices with a connection: Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, etc.
● My student plays for both the Middle School and High School?! If your student plays on both a middle and high school team, upon account creation, select the home school in which your STUDENT STUDIES.  You will be able to select a secondary school within the
Additional Schools section after creating your account.

2. Link Parent and Student Accounts
Once logged in, you will be prompted to link the parent and student account. Enter the email address or mobile # to send an invitation to
the parent/student. The invited person clicks on the link in the email or text message to finish the linking process. The invited person can
also login and accept the link request by clicking on the Link Account Button and selecting accept.

Why do I have to link accounts ? Forms required by your school, often require both a parent and student signature to mark the form as
completed. For the system to know what student and parent will be viewing and signing the proper forms, a linked parent/student
account is required.

3. Athletic Forms Button
Click the Athletic Forms button to move to the Pre-Participation Forms Overview Page and complete the required digital forms.

4. Select the sports you will participate
In the Sports Interest section, check the sports you will be trying out for. By checking these sports, you are allowing the coach of that team to
view your pre-participation paperwork…

5. Additional Schools (If applicable)
If you/your student participate in sports at multiple schools, add the additional schools here. If you/your student do not play for multiple
schools, leave this section blank. Adding additional schools will allow the Athletic Director(s) at the additional school(s) view your
pre-participation paperwork.

6. Complete and Sign Digital Forms
Click on each form link, complete each form, and click the Sign & Submit button. Both the parent and student must complete this step.
Your school/district chooses which forms require the student, parent, or student AND parent signatures. Upon completion of each form,
you should be auto promoted to the next form.

Students with accounts may begin completing digital forms immediately. Parents must be linked to a student account to see the
electronic version of the forms. If they are not linked, they will only see example PDF versions of the forms. You can complete forms or see
their status at any time by clicking on the ATHLETIC FORMS button . This gives the ability for students to send a parent linked account
request and to upload the physical exam signed by the physician during group physicals.

Upload Buttons are shown when you are required to upload a document instead of completing the web-form. For example, the physical
exam form your physician completes or a birth certificate. These forms can be uploaded by either the parent or student but require the
parents signature.

7. Accepted Forms Notification
When your school has accepted all forms, a notification will be sent to you stating all forms have been accepted. You will be notified via
email and/or text message (if you have selected the text message option during account creation), if a form has been denied by your
school. You will be sent a notification, in which you will be given the reason for denial and a link to review and resubmit your changes back
to the school.

Fall Sports
Football-Coach Charles McNair
September 26- Hope Mills @ South View
October 3-Hope Mills vs. Anne Chesnutt @ home
October 10-Hope Mills @ Albritton
October 17-Hope Mills vs. New Century International @ home
October 24-Hope Mills @ Spring Lake
October 31-Hope Mills vs. Gray’s Creek @ home
Strength Game November 6 TBA
Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Admission: $4.00

Volleyball-Coach Gwendolyn Owens and Boys’ Soccer-Coach Kevin Briscoe
September 18-Hope Mills vs. Lewis Chapel @ home
September 25-Hope Mills @ South View
October 2-Hope Mills @ Anne Chesnutt
October 9-Hope Mills vs. Albritton @ home
October 14-Hope Mills @ New Century
October 23-Hope Mills vs. Spring Lake @ home
Soccer Strength Game November 4 TBA
Volleyball Strength Game November 5 TBA
Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Admission: $4.00

Girls’ Track-Coach Blake Maxwell/Coach Matthew McFayden
September 17-Hope Mills @ New Century International
September 24-Hope Mills @ New Century International
October 1-Hope Mills @ Reid Ross
October 8-Hope Mills @ Reid Ross
October 15-Hope Mills @ Reid Ross
October 22-DIVISION MEET @ Reid Ross
Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Admission: $3.00

Try Outs for Fall Sports begin Monday, August 26, 2019 directly after school.  Students MUST have a current physical on file to participate.

Winter Sports
Basketball Girls’ Coaches-Mari Kennings & Marcus Spearman/Boys’ Coach-Eric Bell
December 3-Hope Mills @Pine Forest
December 5-Hope Mills @Max Abbott
December 10-Hope Mills @Mac Williams
December 12-Hope Mills vs. Anne Chesnutt
December 17-Hope Mills @ Albritton
December 19-Hope Mills vs. New Century International
January 9-Hope Mills @ Spring Lake
January 16-Hope Mills @ Anne Chesnutt
January 21-Hope Mills vs. Albritton
January 23-Hope Mills @ New Century International
January 28-Hope Mills vs. Spring Lake
January 30-Hope Mills vs. Gray’s Creek
February 4-Girls’ Strength Game TBA
February 5-Boys’ Strength Game TBA

Wrestling-Coach Matthew McFayden
December 3-Hope Mills vs. Pine Forest
December 5-Hope Mills vs. Max Abbott
December 10-Hope Mills vs. Mac Williams
December 12-Hope Mills @ Anne Chesnutt
December 17-Hope Mills vs. Albritton
December 19-Hope Mills @ New Century International
January 9-Hope Mills vs. Spring Lake
January 16-Hope Mills vs. Anne Chesnutt
January 21-Hope Mills @ Albritton
January 23-Hope Mills vs. New Century International
January 28-Hope Mills @ Spring Lake
January 30-Hope Mills @ Gray’s Creek
February 5-Strength Matches TBA

Spring Sports
Baseball-Coach Blake Maxwell & Softball-Coach Chelsea Wade
March 2-Hope Mills @ Pine Forest
March 5-Hope Mills @ Max Abbott
March 9-Hope Mills @ Mac Williams
March 12-Hope Mills vs. Anne Chesnutt
March 19-Hope Mills @ Albritton
March 23-Hope Mills vs. New Century International
March 26-Hope Mills @ Spring Lake
April 2-Hope Mills @ Anne Chesnutt
April 6-Hope Mills vs. Albritton
April 9-Hope Mills @ New Century International
April 21-Hope Mills vs. Spring Lake
April 23-Hope Mills vs. Gray’s Creek
April 29-Softball Strength Game TBA
April 30-Baseball Strength Game TBA

Girls’ Soccer-Coach Christy Elliott
February 26-Hope Mills @ South View
March 4-Hope Mills vs. Nick Jeralds
March 18-Hope Mills @ Anne Chesnutt
March 25-Hope Mills vs. Albritton
April 1-Hope Mills vs. New Century International
April 8-Hope Mills @ Spring Lake
April 22-Hope Mills @ Gray’s Creek
April 28-Strength Game TBA

Boys’ Track-Coach TBA
March 3-Hope Mills @ New Century International
March 10-Hope Mills @ Reid Ross
March 17-Hope Mills @ New Century International
March 24-Hope Mills @ New Century International
March 31-Hope Mills @ Reid Ross
April 7-Division Meet @ Reid Ross

Published by Beth Sizemore on February 3, 2019