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Arboleda, LisbethSpanish Teacher[email protected]
Awad, LindseyMedicine Clerk[email protected]
Baker, DawnTeacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EC Resource
[email protected]
Becton, DonzellaCTE Teacher
Bell, Eric8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
NCAE Representative
Young Men of Distinction Faculty Adviser
Boys’ Basketball Coach
[email protected]
Branton, Diana7th Grade Math Teacher[email protected]
Caras, Maria8th Grade Math I and Math
National Board Certified Teacher
[email protected]
Chandler, LenoraGuidance Counselor
Cook, Stacy8th Grade Science
Science Department Chair
[email protected]
Culbreth, JeletteReceptionist[email protected]
Davis, Brittany7th Grade Science[email protected]
Diaz, MarleneESL Teacher[email protected]
Dobbins, Jennifer6th, 7th, and 8th Grade CTE (Computers)[email protected]
Downing, DebraBookkeeper
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Dubisky, Dr. DianaInstructional Coach[email protected]
Elliott, KennethAssistant Principal
Bus Supervisor
[email protected]
Epps, Yolanda L.Principal
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Evans, RhondaIndian Education[email protected]
Fulmore, CharitySchool Psychologist[email protected]
Gamble, Julia6th Grade ELA Teacher[email protected]
Grant, BenjaminSafe School Coordinator
Aggression Replacement Trainer
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Hadley, Rebekah8th Grade English Language Arts[email protected]
Hurley, JoshuaSocial Worker
Student Services Team Chair
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Ingram, PaulBand Director
Arts Department Chair
[email protected]
Jernigan, SharonID Moderate Teacher
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Kaczka-Taylor, LindaSpeech Pathologist[email protected]
Kelly, Mattie6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math
EC Resource
[email protected]
Kennings, CarolynAIG Consultant
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Kennings, Mari6th Grade Science Teacher[email protected]
King, Michelle8th ELA Teacher
Laughlin-Orr, Lori6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Forensics Coach
[email protected]
Leonard, Janeice6th, 7th, and 8th Grade CTE (Agriculture)[email protected]
Manley, EricaSchool Nurse[email protected]
Maxwell, Blake6th, 7th, 8th Grade Health/PE and Adaptive PE
PE Department Chair
Baseball Coach
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Maxwell, RodneyHead Custodian[email protected]
McFayden, Matthew6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Health/PE
Wrestling Coach
[email protected]
Melvin, Abigail6th, 7th, and 8th Grade English Language Arts
EC Resource Teacher
[email protected]
Melvin, JuruthaReceptionist[email protected]
Melvin, Mariana6th Grade Math Teacher[email protected]
Owens, Gwendolyn6th Grade Math Teacher
Volleyball Coach
Faculty Adviser: D.O.L.L.S. Group
Teacher of the Year
[email protected]
Purdie, JenniferData Manager[email protected]
Ratley, MichelleCafeteria Manager[email protected]
Ray, MicheleOrchestra[email protected]
Riner, TasheanaSign Language Support
EC Resource
Saunders, Ireeshia7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher[email protected]
Scales, JamesIn School Suspension[email protected]
Sensenich, Holly Jo6th, and 8th Grade Health/PE
Soccer Coach
National Board Certified Teacher
[email protected]
Singletary, VernonSchool Resource Officer[email protected]
Sizemore, BethSchool Library Media Coordinator
SIT Chairperson
Battle of the Books Coach
Web Manager
[email protected]
Spells, KarenID Moderate Teacher[email protected]
Stanley, CrystalSED Resource[email protected]
Steward, MicheleID Moderate Teacher’s Assistant[email protected]
Thompson, MarlonArt Teacher[email protected]
Veiga, HopeEC Case Teacher[email protected]
Whitley, CarolineAssistant Principal
Testing Coordinator
[email protected]
Whittington, Beth7th Grade English Language Arts
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Whittington, Tracy7th Grade Social Studies
School Improvement Team Member
[email protected]
Willen, William7th Grade Math Teacher[email protected]
Williams, Stanley R.Guidance Counselor
Builder’s Club Faculty Adviser
[email protected]
Williams, TiffanyMath Instructional Coach[email protected]
Williams, Venita6th, 7th, and 8th Grade STEM Teacher[email protected]
Wilson, Duane6th Grade Social Studies Teacher[email protected]


Published by Beth Sizemore on August 9, 2020